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Jesus died for somebody’s sins, but not mine; my sins are my own, they belong to me.

Patti Smith

Personal revenge is political revenge.

Marilyn Monroe, per Gloria Steinem
I'm appropriating Incan religious historical context as an ink-an priest via my fountain pen fetish; also, San Diego Writers Ink ( published me in many annual poetry anthologies. Finally—as T.S. Eliot famously said—"mature poets steal."

Our civlization litterally forgot the vital function of poetry—I've come to take Manhattan by poetic violence, and to spiritually radicalize every poetry Tumblr or LiveJournal put by junior high school girls, angry young men, institutionalized philosophers, and retirees and veterans.

nd college aged kids, by institutionalized schizophrenics, by wives of the newly retire

I have a BA in English Literature from the University of California at Irvine; that poem you posted on social media about your breakup, that poem about your fight with your dad, or that sexual or political petty score you settled finally in a poem, is exactly what got lost between an iPhone costing $1,000 and Camelot building a wall to keep out its cooler Mexican older brother. My project, here as a poet, succeesmdes or fails by how it might fail that prospdrsly: to escape the gravity of 1980s Regan Privelege and itsMutally Assured Destruction, and also to provide support and sentimental education for all the fucked up poets already of the world.

has become the learned helpless blindness of self-awareness in this, the Information Age. I not only write, but publish here, because BOTH is true—the political is personal, and if you free your poems your ass will follow.

settling via poetry is quite the FUCKING OPPOSITE of posting what you had for lunch on Instagram. Precicely because poetry is the most visual form of

Also, something something something Emily Dickinson, Adrienne Rich, Rilke, and of course Bessie Smith (who was an era-defining poet, disguised as a Bluesman).

P. S. also Bessie's two daughters, Billie Holiday and Langston Hughes.

, Alice Walker, T. S. Eliot, and William Burroughs are why I am a poet and writer. Though, while high or maudalin, I'd admit it all has more to do with Auden and Steinbeck than anyone else, as a poet.

I've learned that we must learn to love one another, here in this strange East-of-20th-Century paradise that is the world today.

In a WordPress eons ago and far, far away (, I write in a WordPress dedicated to essays.

I would not be the fully realized, self-publishing poet I am today, were it not for the literary CIA agent, Opus Dei of Wild Women division, at

But anyway, as to this website, the only political poems I've written have been love poems to America and California, specifically; I don't know if there is such a thing as a good poet who does not write primarily love poems--the way I became the poet you'll find me to to be here, I don't believe the purpose of poetry is but centered around the heart. From Sappho to Shakepeare's sonnets--some of Western Civlization's best thought arose around the human linguistic response to falling in love.

This website replaces now-defunct, which used to be where I hosted my poetry chapbooks online.  These days, I’m divorced and (still) big into punk rock self sufficient ethos as a poet; since being formally traditionally published, as a poet, makes neither money nor fame regardless—I self-publish my poems online (and also in printed chapbooks). welcome to

poet  I will be honest though, the chick who got to read a poem at Biden’s inauguration makes me almost as jealous as Lorde,