All Scripture Is Poetry

All scripture is poetry. It follows, then, that the most printed and purchased books in the world are books of poetry. This fact is just something I wanted to mention, should anyone wonder if they should publish their own poems.

Do I think what I write is equivalent to scripture? Of course not. I just wish more people—religiously observant ones especially—would remember that all scripture was written by a human hand, and would perhaps become audience to contemporary poets. All poets are, indeed, artists working within a sacred tradition.

Radio Supernova X

We hold these poems to be self-evident:

    the shadow of a palm tree as it approaches noon

    is a poem;

Las lagrimas–the tears that flow to the ocean for lost love

    are a poem;

Birdsong in the dead of night, a rooster at dawn

    and a dog’s distant barking:

        each is a poem.

A lost child in a mall who prays to find mother

    prays a poem.

The punchline of a favorite joke, shared with a forgotten friend

–suddenly rememberd, as if by ambush–

    is a poem.

Pleading eyes for hunger or lust or warmth

    plead a poem.

The arctic Aurora Borealis in smeared-sky rainbow;

    the infinate disc-edge of a black hole;

    the radiation soul-heat of the bang

    that was all big creation:

    these each play in the top ten

    greatest hits, nightly, of this very station:

        Radio Poetry Supernova X

Tachyon Violet (for Daniel)

The thing about a poem–
It travels forward backward–
The deeper you press in,
The more sense that first
Read a little while back–
Becomes defined to you–
Like a highway sign in reverse.

It purifies the colors: bright spectre!
And the mind and soul of sunlight,
Hidden, awash in sol-light, becomes
Violet violet blue
It makes all the details
Makes them real–

Tachyon definition
as the mind sees more of detail
The more it takes in
at the future’s
soak-in point--to right now.

And there you are.

Somehow, you flip-foward
and beauty
and me
As I walk next to you.
You, with the fear of a Local God
–quiet and intense at the prospect
of being given name.

And there and then suddenly I realize
I have
Always been right

–my whole life–
–about THIS:

Sometime ago God

from one being into
countless within formless

and God, speaking his own name
in his own tongue
is how he begins a prayer to himself
a prayer that before it ends,
it mentions YOU.

It all began during a big, distant bang
And will eventually fling apart too far
to see one galaxy from the next,

but, Daniel, may love–
how are YOU today?

Daniel, Let Me Hold You Now

All the Pink Floyd pigs on the wing fled long ago
–with their Les Paul angles–

And God was long dead by the time
Jesus molested Nietzsche And Freud–

What Prophet Muhammed really said about love and men
was lost eons ago in an Alexandria library fire–

But Daniel, let me hold you now.

It will be 100 years until manned spaceships
travel Voyager-like, past our solar system;

in 200 years Salt Lake City finally sends a probe
to now-barren Kolob–God’s home planet;

at least 5000 years must pass before we find
we beat Vulcans to the first warp drive;

But Daniel, let me hold you now.

You fit perfect when I hold my right arm out
to hold you to me,

And I’d march across all of Mission Valley once again
to share a bedroom with you one more night.

I miss teasing you by calling you “my lord” and I miss

how you once disappeared only to show two hours later

with a college boy who’s dick you made me suck.

You walked to pick up our pizza dinner I paid for

and never stole my drugs, money, or cellphone.

But Janis Joplin and I know about men like you;

Daniel–I never actually gave you that

little piece of my heart that you have still.

Hello. This is Battleship 1976; I am Brian

Welcome to my poetry WordPress, Battleship 1976. I am Brian Thedell, a writer in San Diego county; I’ve been writing and self-publishing—mostly through chapbooks—for almost ten years. Recent chapbooks include “American Method” and “Taking Drugs To Write Poems To Take Drugs To”; I have also been published a few times in San Diego Writers Ink’s annual anthology.

I’ll be posting my latest poems here, sharing news about my favorite poets and poems, etc.