This Song Always Makes Me Think About Zach

With lyrics like, “I won’t let you let me down so easily,” I can see how someone might feel this song unwittingly plays into rape-culture. That’s part of my weird love of it, though: it makes me think of Zach, and that gay re-contextualization tends to remove all the “rape-y” vibes. P.S. it makes meContinue reading “This Song Always Makes Me Think About Zach”

Decades’ Serenade

Imagine my grandmother dancing… Alice Chambers, daughter of a mother tough and so severe, my grandmother, my mother’s mother, born 1917—her 25 would be 1942; also imagine “A. J. Sylvester”, the name my mom only vaguely recounts to me. Imagine “Moonlight Serenade” straining through a vacuum tube radio… Somehow, I think of him as Sylvester,Continue reading “Decades’ Serenade”

Hello There

(for Zach) My room orders despite its mess, it confines these walls, these walls; I’ve had the song on repeat all day, I think the neighbors are sick of you (I know my best-friend was, until—) I’ve read so many poems celebrating photographs and records; But you know what? It’s okay, though: a cellphone snapshotContinue reading “Hello There”