A Space Cadet’s Coloring Book

I sat among the stars at night, as a child; I soaked up from the air that impression of a manifest destiny: our every day reshaped, reborn a million times over among a billion potential suns swimming in the blackness. Fevered, I searched my imagination for access—a way—and found, of course, television: each Saturday morningContinue reading “A Space Cadet’s Coloring Book”

Everything I Should Have Said To Him

“I love you”—of course I said that to him, many times; we were married, after all. But when he felt so trapped—in his mid-40s, in his systems engineering job, in the mortgage, and as the adopted son of an infertile husband-and-wife pair of doctors—when he felt so wounded-animal trapped that excising his love of eighteenContinue reading “Everything I Should Have Said To Him”

The Moment And The Speed

So I fell asleep with Sgt. Pepper playing and it drifted through every song until it reached its heart-attack crescendo: that ending that strains, mounts, swells against itself; it lurches, slouches upward, rises and rises upon its rising until it finally— resolves. That note, and its moment, remind me of your name unspoken, on theContinue reading “The Moment And The Speed”