I Changed My Mind About Everything

I’m canceling the projects I just announced, I cannot write those poems. I may release something this year full of poems about what I usually write about, but I cannot pretend the strange non-reality I’m awaking from is something I can lash words around. I was validated in romance and swagger that an epic romanceContinue reading “I Changed My Mind About Everything”

The Places Who We Are Today

Well, no, we are not Jews, but we Do know the same God—four letters, Mr. Quattro, Quad Fourier, Four. Yeah—way, way out there— We are the Thirteenth Tribe and where We belong is anywhere but Israel. The sun never sets on Thirteenth soil; The house of the rising sun rests upon our midnight dawn. BulletContinue reading “The Places Who We Are Today”

Battle For The Author’s Soul

Last night the Beatles and the Beach Boys battled for my eternal soul. I was sped away in a little duce coupe, but then a giant walrus in the road took me back to the USSR until, finally, David Lee Roth appeared with his California girls, and that was that. The chords of music wereContinue reading “Battle For The Author’s Soul”

With Apologies To Jethro Tull

Some native American tribes believed that death is nothing more than a hunter who stalks us all impersonally, by duty. Our tender realms of fever and sleep float along the edge of life’s forest; they dance with death, they tantalize death like paw prints and a fresh scent. But evade an accident or maybe fallContinue reading “With Apologies To Jethro Tull”