My Beautiful Weird, Bent Revolution

Split a block of wood, –we are there. Pluck or plant a flower –we are there. Read sci-fi, or scripture, through a Summer rainstorm –and we are there. The swell of tides and a woman’s womb, silent-now toys, and night in a child’s room: we are there. God, the soul, died long ago, but stillContinue reading “My Beautiful Weird, Bent Revolution”

My Beautiful Bent, Weird Revolution

I’m tired of things only meaning one or two things. I’m in love with orthogonality: one becomes five becomes ten-thousand becomes purple, becomes God. I have reenlisted in the Poet Core to serve on this, a top secret mission– which, as poetry, means I tell everyone who reads or hears this poem: the secret ofContinue reading “My Beautiful Bent, Weird Revolution”

Tachyon Violet (for Daniel)

The thing about a poem–It travels forward backward–The deeper you press in,The more sense that first–line–Read a little while back–Becomes defined to you–Like a highway sign in reverse. It purifies the colors: bright spectre!And the mind and soul of sunlight,Hidden, awash in sol-light, becomesViolet violet blueIt makes all the detailsMakes them real– Tachyon definitionas theContinue reading “Tachyon Violet (for Daniel)”

Daniel, Let Me Hold You Now

All the Pink Floyd pigs on the wing fled long ago–with their Les Paul angles– And God was long dead by the timeJesus molested Nietzsche And Freud– What Prophet Muhammed really said about love and menwas lost eons ago in an Alexandria library fire– But Daniel, let me hold you now. It will be 100Continue reading “Daniel, Let Me Hold You Now”