I Changed My Mind About Everything

I’m canceling the projects I just announced, I cannot write those poems. I may release something this year full of poems about what I usually write about, but I cannot pretend the strange non-reality I’m awaking from is something I can lash words around.

I was validated in romance and swagger that an epic romance of mine revealed a Don Juan-level villain waiting to tear my heart apart. That the tragic romance has gone on as long as it has (still there is fall-out), is less painful or difficult than it is waking-up-living-in-a-distant-galaxy stupefied.

I am still the rebel “Dirty Mormon” guy poet and political revolutionary, and I’m sure I’ll have poem-blistering romances like Kyle and Daniel arise in my life. Unlike every other subject I write poems about, the more I write about Mason, the less I feel the world is comprehensible. If I were Albert Einstein, Mason would make me wonder if General Reletavity was just some dumb thing I thought of after a night of drinking.

Brian David out.

The Places Who We Are Today

Well, no, we are not Jews, but we

Do know the same God—four letters,

Mr. Quattro, Quad Fourier, Four.

Yeah—way, way out there—

We are the Thirteenth Tribe and where

We belong is anywhere but Israel.

The sun never sets on Thirteenth soil;

The house of the rising sun rests upon our midnight dawn.

Bullet of absolute heat and prayer cold and blue and

Absolute zero—Kelvin, Kevin, Calvin, Calvary

Cross, Compact Rainbow, Double Blue

Racked Red like pool table cues

And green verdant velvet—if you please—

Rolling, roiling, bowling battle:

Love is a—

Love is—

Love is, was and forever shall be…

Love is.

Ruddy red,

Raspberry-supernova red,

Cherry cheek in snow red:

My lithe and delicate man, my

Ulysses—Daniel—I still stand here,

I still await our

Red Rapture.

Battle For The Author’s Soul

Last night the Beatles and the Beach Boys battled for my eternal soul.

I was sped away in a little duce coupe, but then a giant walrus in the road took me back to the USSR until, finally, David Lee Roth appeared with his California girls, and that was that.

The chords of music were strewn about my little bitty room like corpses, beats and rhythms looked up at bedside nurses with pleading eyes.

And, in the midst of it all, a gentleman in coattails with slick black hair walked up, shook my hand, and said, “pleased to meet you, hope you’ve guessed my name…”

A Sudden Taste Of Blood On The Lip

At the heart of a cold, bright hope dwells a sorrow from the past and the now: you stretch past a vision of a past that cannot be assuaged.

And the sorrow and hope survive a cemetery of all our past selves: each persona we concocted to be in the world, each that perished from luck, naivete, or merely a cruel god…

For there can be no tomorrow without yesterday’s need; there can be no desire without the sense of loss that fills the soul with a falling apprehension.

In our souls, Winter sunlight glints across a running stream of time; amidst the gorgeous snow, we see all of nature’s ruin, her naked skeleton math of branches.

Then, like a sudden taste of blood on the lip—Spring wells up, cold, bright, hopeful…

A Bit About Love

Multi-faceted or two-faced, love hums in between,exists in the suspension, the act of not resolving:

A thought—or a prayer—that grows with time, swells until it is perfect and round and purple…

Then love rolls gently back and forth between two worlds:

Your love is a pleasant fool and a rapier wit.

Your love is bulldog cute yet so very dashing.

Your love is yesterday, last night, and the rising morning.

Until one day love bursts or deflates or (if you’re lucky) floats softly up into the sky…

With Apologies To Jethro Tull

Some native American tribes believed that death is nothing more than a hunter who stalks us all impersonally, by duty.

Our tender realms of fever and sleep float along the edge of life’s forest; they dance with death, they tantalize death like paw prints and a fresh scent.

But evade an accident or maybe fall in love—for like light itself love flickers into being instantly and is insubstantial and so can never die—and you can feel your hind legs thrust you across the field and through the stream and you can hear the swoosh!—as the arrow slices air only to slip into water only inches from your head…

Or maybe you don’t feel like a fox (I don’t), maybe this life is a crisp Winter’s morning—the snow blooms bright in the sunlight—and as you smell death downwind you realize you’re a rabbit on the run…