(for Mason)

I know—you wanted a man

To give you something that I can’t

When times get low

You don’t care who we were

Can’t you cruise on by, pick me up in your car—

Your daddy, he doesn’t approve

My mom, says I got nothin’ left to lose

When tomorrow comes on through

& you’re gonna break my heart

Why don’t you stop on by and see what more we can start—

(well, I’m ready to start)


My love’s just second-hand news

Just some second-hand blues—

Yeah, second-hand news,

Just some hand-me-down blues—

I know—you got nothing for me

I know, I’m nothin’ you’d wanna see

I been down so long

I’ve been Second Place enough

Why don’t you just pull it out and

Let’s get down to my stuff


I’m just second-hand news

Guess I’m second-hand news

Yeah—I’m just second-hand news,

My love’s just second-hand news…

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