His Majesty’s Praetorian Word Wonder

Phantom Phantasm and

Phantom within phantom

–the Rolls Royce Grey Ghost

and his Grey Great Grand Damn Damme–

Wonder wander word wand wild world

–the barren Swedish snow is still a desert

as sure as any in Asia or Africa.

I don’t just better work–I

work better under high contrast and

excellent excitations.

Window sill and liquor still and bestill

my betraying heartbeat–I swear! I remain

indifferent to my expanding fascination.

Still I go on to go on

…and on and on and on…

Let me follow you–riding–into your

Black Cherry Forrest

Mr. Wolf Majesty–

I read the sealed communique from his

majesty’s chihuahua envoy.

We can joust

–I’m no kind of Faust!–

I am the Something More! Word-wise, then,

hit me with your best shot:

I’m every Duke, and

this is my apatizer to my white tiger’s powering

deep into my poetry.

Come find me! and chase me once more!

…from station to station.

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