Poem: And From Our Bodies, Singularity

And From Our Bodies, Singularity You were going to have our—You were going to have—Love, you were going to have my— I know how you wanted to show meMyself, as seen by me for the firstTime that way! To show me withThat mirror within your own body. Now, I see it’s easier to pretendSome reasonContinue reading “Poem: And From Our Bodies, Singularity”

Black Jeff—Beyond & Blue

Sometimes you won’t knowLove hiding in plain—shyness—Until you turn your Back on him On purpose. A whimper and a blade Of sincere yearning andIWasBitten. Jeffery—the onlyBoy in that class moreStupid-brilliantThan I was. We were BothAMG 7-Series sedans(In Snowboy White &Empire Onyx)—heWas in love with theMatched set of us—withThat lone whiteboyWho was just barelySmart enough toContinue reading “Black Jeff—Beyond & Blue”

Places Who We Are Today

Well, no, we are not Jews, butWe do know the sameGod—4 letters—Mr. QuadFourier, Four, Yeah—WayWay out there:We are the thirteenthTribe,&WhereWeBelongIsAnywhereButIsrael. That sun—over there—neversets on Thirteenth Soil;The House Of The Rising SunRests upon the Midnight Dawn. Bullet of absolute heat andPrayer could and blue andAbsolute Zero—Kelvin, Kevin,Calvin, Calvery, Cross, CompactRanbow, Double Blue, RackedRed like pool tableContinue reading “Places Who We Are Today”